Hot Jewels - Tattoos as Jewelry

If Beyonce were to shave her head, I’d probably be the first to support the movement. If Beyonce said jump, I’d probably jump. Not over a bridge, but you get the point that I am definitely a hardcore Queen B fan.  So, it’s no surprise that when she started flaunting cool metallic tattoos on her body… I wanted an in! 

Remember when you were younger and those 25 cents tattoo from the machines were life? Well, that’s exactly the same excitement I got when I first used Hot Jewels temporary metallic tattoos. The best part about these tattoos is the fact that they are harmless and easy to apply. 

They transfer onto skin smoothly with the use of a damp napkin. Put slight pressure on the area and in a few minutes you will have art on your body! I was amazed with how pigmented the gold pieces were. I created rings on my fingers, a connecting chain bracelet, a choker for a necklace, a feather on my backside, and small dainty arrows on my forehead and chest. I felt like a beautiful fairy princess! (Who doesn’t like feeling like a Princess?) #princessjasmineismyfavorite



Some of the designs look so close to being actual jewelry pieces… It creates a mystical illusion. People will take a second glance to ask if what you have on is either jewelry or a tattoo.

Designs vary from feathers, gold chains, gold rings, silver chains, and even black/gold tribal pieces. The possibilities are endless. It lasts for 4-6 days, but can easily be removed with alcohol or sanitizer. Whatever your personal style preference is, you will find a piece that works best for you. Get creative! 

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