Nilla Bands: Rough Edges but Soft Curves


    There is something about a woman’s angst, passion and tears that evoke mesmerizing emotion in an onlooker. Her uneasiness could make most men run and hide; her tears and passion could gather negative judgement from other females. More so when the rawness in her delivery hits familiar cords within her audience and stretch the boundaries of societal norms. Seeing the human female having perhaps carnal desires reminiscent to her male counterparts is not lady-like, but it’s real. Maybe crying over a broken heart can be annoying, but it’s real. It’s that realness; that sincerity of feelings that draws attention and curiosity.


     The uncut version of a lady is seldom thrown in front of an audience for the world to see. With the fear of being deemed not classy or vulgar, many young women shy away from unhooking their bra and letting their thoughts roam freely (along with their boobs). Instead, they revert to group chats with their 3 closest lady friends and dish out all the juicy/crass/fun/tomboy/ambitious thoughts which run through their mind.  Ever wonder what goes down in a female group chat?  We caught up with street artist turned muse, Nilla Bands, whose pastel pink ridden art depicts an impeccably accurate account of what many go-getter ladies think about but reserve from expressing. 

 Ladies and Gentlemen... Nilla Bands!

Ladies and Gentlemen... Nilla Bands!


 Your work express what most girls want to say but are scared to do so, where do you get your confidence from, to not be scared and say fuck it?  

🍦It's hard to be confident these days considering how crazy the world is with media telling you what you should be concerned about and stupid little things to be doing or how you should be looking to distract yourself from the  things that matter most. That's why Instagram is so great for me. I have a chance at expressing myself through my art and reaching so many different women at the same time so quickly. I feel like we as women need to all come together and really think about how we don't need men to tell us we are pretty, or important or worthy. We need to tell each other that support each other as sisters and family and help rebuild this view of us being used or views as props in today's society and culture. If we want to do something, we need to be confident about it, no matter what it may be. At the end of the day you are who you are and nobody else can say anything to change that. I think what I'm trying to say here is that we need to show our power more, we do really run the world.

Who or what are your major influences? 

[Playwright/Activist] Eve Ensler is a huge influence of mine, as well as [Graffiti Artist] Claw Money and a few other very powerful women who support other women doing their thing, and empowering other women and helping them instead of letting jealousy or hate get in the way.


The infamous Bart piece you did a while ago, does it have a proper title? 


 🍦I call it "Mobbin" and I actually remade that after I saw a graphic on tumblr by this dude @catfishchronicles. I hand painted it and added the words " Yo, we mobbin tonight or what". I guess the guy really felt some type of way because I still get random comments from him [...] all in all he's just salty I ran off his idea and handmade something better than his graphic.

               Nilla Bands is currently in the production of curating a book, #CURVEHIM which will feature drawings inspired by real life women in beautifully suggestive poses.  Although Nilla didn’t want to divulge, the book hints she has been dropping on her social media has got her fans sending nudies and highly provocative pictures to her DM. With over 14k followers, Miss Bands for sure won’t have an issue filing her book. With the re-birth of “girl power” and the growing popularity of fashion designers, art curators and media outlets becoming cheekier in terms of femininity, Nilla delivers a message neo-feminism could appreciate; unapologetically. She paints a world where it’s okay to be a sexual female with rough edges- a pitbull in a skirt.

 Follow Nilla Bands on IG @NillaBands

Follow Nilla Bands on IG @NillaBands