John Hurtado: Opening Doors Through Open Stage

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In a generation of growing entrepreneurs, John Hurtado decided to take a different route.  His craft is opening up a stage for someone to display their talent to their audience.  Coming straight out of Elizabeth, John created Open Stage as a way of giving back to his community. He looks at Open Stage as someone's son or daughter having a chance to show the world what they can do.  The idea behind it was to offer a platform where various types of people could  display their talents.  Everyone gets something out of Open Stage.  People come to watch performances.  The artists get to perform and recruit their own audience..


When asked why was this the first Open Stage he held, John said

"It's the  first Open Stage because I had to distinguish myself from all other open mic's in the community.  So rather than make it seem accessible, I'm offering a product like a concert so it's like an open stage."

John does not look at this as an open mic event.  

"Open Stage is like a bigger medium. Rather than an open mic, I give you the opportunity to rap over your songs, dance to your ballet music and play your jazz music if you're a jazz musician."

His goal behind this is to help people.  He plans on one day making this a national event.

Open Stage is not the only thing John does.  He is also a writer.  He runs his site

" isn't just my story, it's everyone's story.  We're all linked in some way."

With his site, everyone can relate in some way.  He writes short stories and freestyles.

 John is a true writer in every sense of the word and has been published before.  He was a journalist for the Star Ledger.  He blogged for C. West and worked as the editorial director for Corner Store Mag.  John is a versatile college student with dreams, drive and a vision.  He uses his talent to open doors so others can express themselves artistically.  When asked what is one thing he would want his readers to know about him, he said

"I don't want them to know anything.  I just want them to read the writing."

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Pictures credited to  Joseph Classen