Profile on Mediah

Some of Mediah's work looks like a clip out of a Transformers movie. Mediah reigns in from Toronto, Canada. He has been on the graffiti scene since the early 90s. His favorite form of art is futurism and abstract expressionism. His artistic inspirations come from the likes of Giacomo Balla and Marcel Duchamp.

When did you realize that art was something that you really wanted to do?

Back in 1994. I would ride the Scarborough RT line and see the incredible graffiti murals on the train line and this sparked my curiosity and obsession with graffiti culture. It wasn't until 1998 that my interest in Digital art was sparked. I went to Seneca College for Digital media arts and that exposed me to CG, graphics and the necessary art fundamentals to continue my arts education. By this time art was my primary focus in life and there was no alternative.

Why are you still into art?

The visions I see and the things I feel are much stronger now than they were 20 years ago. Nowadays I have the desire to do more epic and large scale pieces that blur the lines between fine art, digital art and graffiti. Eventually I want to grow into an artist that can encourage, uplift and inspire people through my work whether it be through paintings, film/new media or murals.

If you were not doing art, what would you be doing?

That's a hard question because I can't imagine my life without art. It’s so ingrained in me that I can't separate it from my core essence anymore. Maybe I would be a crazy technological inventor...a person who develops new technologies like robotics. Or maybe I would live in the West Indies as a farmer growing yams, ackee, calalloo and cassava. I would love to learn agriculture.

 How does it feel to have been involved in exhibitions?

I love being apart of exhibitions, especially the ones that allow me full creative freedom to mix my preferred genres. Going forward I want to do more shows that allow me to mix my animation projections with my paintings and wall art. Similar to what I've been doing with the DECIMALS REBUILT series. 

What major projects have you worked on and why did you take them on?

I've worked on many major projects but the biggest and most comprehensive project is one I've been working on since 2007. DECIMALS REBUILT is my mega-project that I use as a central theme in my art exhibitions. The project incorporates 3D animation projection, graffiti and fine art but merges these forms together so that they are inseparable. Every show is unique. Since 2007 the exhibition has traveled across Canada and has been apart of the Currents International New Media Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach, Florida (where it won an honorable mention). You can see more about DECIMALS REBUILT.

What's your favorite part of being an artist? 

I really love the freedom of expression and the opportunity to depict the incredible imagery in my spirit (mind's eye). I love taking time to go into nature and let my imagination run free and then using those experiences in my artwork. Unfortunately I don't get to do it often.  I believe the power to create is what it means to be 'created in God's image'. I also like collaborating with other artists especially on murals. This helps me to improve and 'step my game up' in a sense. I'm looking forward to painting with my crew mates from CBS in Los Angeles later this year. 


Is there a specific project that you would like to work on? Where do you see your future in art?

I would like to create more immersive environments using multiple projections and new technologies while using traditional fine art components. I want to use my graffiti foundation as my primary inspiration while plugging into new innovations. Going forward I want my art to be more experiential; allowing the viewer to be fully immersed by my work. I think the future of art lies in the mixing of new technologies and large-scale pieces such as murals, full sides of buildings and interiors instead of paintings hanging on a white wall in a private Gallery. Art will get bigger and better. More in your face.


Instagram: Mediah