Willie Colon's Return

Talk about partying with the old folks! This August 18th marked a Salsa legend’s return to the stage after a 13 years hiatus. I am talking about none other than the award winning Willie Colon. Now many of you beautifully vibrant youths, may familiarize the name to the old records your grandmother plays on Sunday mornings while cooking breakfast before going to church. And yes, the man has many fans in that age range. But the musically inclined youth may also remember the earth shattering trombone solos this man would riff on any given Hector Lavoe track. The salsa pioneer performed at the Lehman Center in the Bronx, where many fans of all backgrounds came to enjoy the sounds of the Grammy winner. El Malo del la Salsa ( The Bad Boy of Salsa) was thanked by the master ceremonies for embracing salsa and making it a part of Puerto Rican culture.

Many of Willie Colon’s music had a message; his most popular song “El Gran Varon” was about a father’s disappointment after learning that his son was a transvestite. The son later dies leaving you with a message of appreciation for all your loved ones even when they aren’t what you would like them to be in life.

The mini concert ended with the audience of cute baby boomers reveling to the infectious sounds of Salsa accompanied the vocals to one its pioneers Willie Colon; and yours truly crying in the corner, out of sheer happiness to hear such beautiful sounds. Que Viva La Salsa!