Superfine Taking Over Chelsea


Superfine! made their presence known this year. The art market returned to take over Chelsea in NYC during this year's Frieze week. With an exhibition list featuring over 70% women, this year's artists covered an array of topics from local issues to world issues. Founders Alex Mitow and James Millie out-did themselves from last year's appearance. Superfine! ran from 5/2/18-5/6/17. The fair kicked of with a preview at the Twilight Vernissage which featured cotton-candy-clad champagne and other treats, Heidi Latsky Dance (a live exhibit) and a live painting session by Trina Merry among other surprises.. With a full schedule catering to the fair, collectors had a chance to not only search for new pieces to bring home but also listen in on dialogues including the female arts summit panel featuring Lolita Cros of The Wing, Sophia Dawson of the Lower Eastside Girls Club, Ashley G Garner of Superfine! - The Fair, Carrie Eldridge of NOW ART, and was moderated by Jackie Dreier, founder of ArtsClub NYC. The panel not only dove into the state of art at the moment, but also some of the experiences that women have and continue to endure in art.

 Artists can apply to exhibit at future shows including Miami, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Live through the fair in the photos below. There's still time to go through the E-Fair.

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