5 Artists we found on Giphy that you should know about

While our days could be spent saving the world we find it is necessary to stop an admire some thought provoking designers saving our craniums from boredom. Get lost in the works of these amazing graphic designers and animators. 

Golden Wolf

Golden Wolf is a production company based in London and grabbed our attention with this rad gif from their short film of skate legend Omar Salazar. They have done work with the likes of Cartoon Network, Durex, Nike, Skull Candy and even DC comics. (Excuse me while my inner child weeps with happiness) 

Mestre Fungo

Mestre Fungo  is a Brazilian artist with a plethora of dripping, psychedelic GIF's to delight your cosmically morbid fantasies. Spent quite a bit of time scrolling through his work - it's pretty mind blowing. 

Al Boardman

Al Boardman is a motion graphic designer that captured us with his sleek lines and warm colors. His outstanding creative eye has been used by the likes of Twitter, IBM and more. He is also a co-founder of 9 squares a collaborative “art challenge” of sorts. 

Nick Raith

Nick Raith also known as a badass animating warrior takes us on a super speed highway with his designs. His work consists of looping figures that zoom past you and has the ability to spark your imagination. Cue Disney theme music.


Eran Hill

Eran Hill’s designs and animations are other-worldly. Not only does he have effortlessly beautiful gif’s but his short films are ethereal and thought provoking. His use of simple linear shapes and the fluidity of his animations make his subjects seem life like. His work is truly spectacular.