29Rooms Loading in 4.5 Hours

29 Rooms was an interactive art installation built in a warehouse in Brooklyn with 29 differently constructed rooms to make your mind wander, each space as captivating as the next. This was put together by Refinery29. While some rooms were more interactive than others, the 4.5 hour wait was worth it for me and yes you saw that right. Now I kind of understand why people spend hours, sometimes days in line for releases. There's a sense of euphoria behind it. The rooms touched on a few different topics including self-love, self expression and sustainability, with my favorite being the Gurls Talk room. The interactive art installations sparked some creativity and conversations with strangers. 

My morning started off with me on a mission to make it into the warehouse but little did I know what was ahead. I caught 4 trains with my friends, each a good walking distance from each other to make it to the warehouse. Once we walked out of the subway, we saw the line wrapping around the warehouse twice. I checked the time and didn't want to believe that this opened less than an hour ago and there were this many people already here...it was only 12:51p. We hopped in line and the "fun" began. My music director joined us and had the same look on her face that we had. 2 hours later, a sign was put up saying no one else from that point would make it inside by 8. 

Once we made it to the front, security asked who's idea it was; everyone wasted no time pointing at me. We stood in line for 4.5 hours before we made our way in. I made it through 27 of the 29 rooms. Refinery 29 almost ended a few friendships. In my opinion, it was worth the wait but would I willingly go through that again in this heat? Absolutely not but if the weather's cooler, maybe. The best part of this experience was me learning that I really can't draw thanks to the #TILTBRUSH room. However, there were some good artists in the room.

 If you missed it and don't feel like waiting until next year, you can take a 3D tour from your seat.

In light of my overall experience, here are some tips if you do plan on attending next year:

  • Don't let anyone slickly cut you in line. We all had to go through the pain of waiting to get in. 
  • If opening day lands on a weekday and you really want to go, just take off from work since everyone else will probably still be at work
  • Bring food & lots of water or cash if you don't feel like carrying much with you; there were some food vendors and ice cream trucks on each corner around the warehouse. Trust me, that feeling of borderline dehydration and hunger is not something I wish on anyone.
  • Get there early.....REALLY EARLY
  • Bring a chair if you can. There were a few people with foldable chairs. They already knew the deal.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Something told me wear sneakers but sandals weren't a bad idea. I did feel bad for those that wore high heels. They looked very unhappy.
  • Bring an umbrella. Standing in the sun will wear you out
  • Bring some patience. Expect the lines to be long because 29 Rooms is really dope and who doesn't like to experience something uplifting?
  • Spray bottle. Someone was kind enough to share there's with the rest of us in line. 
  • Warn your friends of the wait time (let's not end any friendships over this)

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