The Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard


The 11 member ensemble hinges its sound on numerous inspirations and vibrant vocal inflexions and in turn made a bunch of music to take you on a true adventure.

The Milky Wayv’s tape opens with a quickly paced drum progression coupled with a sweet xylophone/ piano infused melody and spouts of harmonized horns. And there we hear Mufasa’s voice ring over the intro track introducing the collective. You are drawn in to their cosmic and blissful world immediately.

The Houston ensemble conceptually is reminiscent to the playful and novel make up of Janelle Monae’s Metropolis, Suite I: The Chase. Yet they can sway their listeners in there effervescent grooves like floetry and coerce beautiful vocals and melodies like Erykah Badu. Needless to say their sound is their own but the feels…the feels are so real.

Get lost to the styling’s of The Milky Wayv.