Temperatures rising: Dre Doso brings THE HEET


Dre Doso saunters over every beat with a gruff and heavy tone always teetering on monotone but little inflections always make the senses pick up on his words. The young man hits the sound waves with his fourth full length EP entitled The Heet. After three previous tapes detailing his foray of calm and laidback flows with a natural grasp of lyrics -  his strength as a rapper only surmounts. The tape boasts 16 tracks that all have a low-fi, dusty essence very similar to the young rappers unique tone.

As he baited us with songs like Private Service Announcement and From her lips his full body of work is great collection that shows his range and surrealist POV. Dre has mastered his comatose delivery and translates it over a plethora of concepts. The tape features production by Serge the god, Good Food, Melo Marc and more.

Take a trip into a higher Fahrenheit with Dre Doso.