Challenge Accepted: "Make America Mexico Again" Hat Flips the Script on Trump's Slogan

                Like the great business man he is, Trump has claimed four words of the English language and has made it synonymous with his name. “Make America Great Again” is chanted in unison by Trump supporters,  with frenzied lips enunciating every consonant  at all of the potential Republican candidate’s rallies. But what exactly is Trump nostalgic for? When was America  “great” for Trump? The answer lies in an interview he did with The New York Times, in which he stated America was at its greatest during the 40’s and 50’s; right when our country was going through the darkest times and social injustices where prominent as an everyday commodity. Still, the slogan is ever popular and has even become a hot fashion accessory when Trump included the slogan, emblazoned across a cap, in his 2016 campaign.

But one Brooklyn-based activist is looking to “flip the script” on the controversial slogan. Jeronimo Saldaña, activist affiliated with the Drug Policy Alliance, has created his own hat available for sale as of May 3rd, where the slogan in the same Trump font now reads “Make America Mexico Again”.

"Of course I don't want to actually 'Make America Mexico Again,'" Saldaña said in an interview with NBC Latino  about his viral headpiece. "Trump's slogan refers to a time when people of color didn't have any rights and when LGBTQ folks were even more discriminated against than they are now."

So what exactly is his point? To make the Trump supporter squirm of course!

             As it states in the GoFundMe page where these anti-Trump hats can be purchased, “This crowdsourcing action seeks to dismantle Trump's racist agenda by countering his hate speech with a hat parodying his infamous “Make America Great Again slogan.”

                It is said of the person who doesn’t stand for something, will fall for anything. But passionate hate speeches/slogans only fuel division within our society; something to think about when listening to the chants of the next frenzied crowd of Trump supporters at a future rally. Trump’s “Great America” is stuck in the 1950’s - don’t get stuck in the 1950’s.