10 Quotes To Master The Art Of Being Single

        You know the feeling. The all too familiar feeling of loneliness which keeps a mind-boggling question floating in your mind; “Why am I single?”. The blunt question tirelessly nags and nags because the honest answer is unbeknownst-mystery of the century. This popularly unresolved mystery can make even the best of us feel defeated and incomplete at some point because we all go through it.  Truth is we all want to belong to someone or something, but why not take being single to belong even more so to yourself? Embracing a single life instead of dreading it can bring some positive results. It is during this time one can learn more about themselves while building character and polishing your person for the next love interest which comes your way. Being single is a call to yourself; to develop your personality and learn what makes you tick. Remember, it’s only after you have lost everything that you are free to find out what you were missing