“I hope that this book will allow for these important memories to remain alive with Amy's fans. Although I remember this time with Amy well, when I look at these images I can't help but smile, you can see the freedom and joy of youth in them…” – Charles Moriarty

Photographer Charles Moriarty the man who shot the cover of Amy Winehouse’s first album Frank is in the works of publishing a book of unreleased photos entitled BEFORE Frank. Moriarty recalls his initial heartbreak after learning of Amy’s death in 2011 and not knowing what to do with his photos in his Kickstarter video.

Not until Asif Kapadia’s documentary Amy did he want to share with the world the dynamic and truly enamoring human being that Amy was without the paparazzi stimuli. He teamed up with designer Sybren Kuiper and Asif Kapadia who wrote the foreword. Check out some of Charles stunning photos of our Amy Amy Amy and donate to the  Kickstarter which has (not surprisingly) surpassed their initial goal, you have until May 19th!