The Roots  And then you shoot your cousin

The Roots And then you shoot your cousin

Nothing like a long weekend and good weather to make you feel just a little bit better about returning to the routine. I started off my day with lots of coffee and the newest release from The Roots "And Then You Shoot Your Cousin." 

A smaller EP then they usually do but I frankly can't sum up my thoughts about it. There isn't many verses and after playing it 10+ times I feel like I'm still missing things. Genius ? or let down? seeing the feedback from comments and other music sites, people are generally confused. I think i need a couple more listens to let it soak in * Kanye Shrug*


Kaytranada teamed up with his brother Louie P and released Supreme Laziness. I love free stuff, and while free downloads don't always mean its good it isn't a bad tape at all. Kaytra beats ( especially when he goes back to his Hip Hop roots) are usually fire. They also did a song featuring coastal Joe in french

#Haitiansoutherereppin. This EP has been on repeat for days now, stuck much! Definitely a healthy addition to iTunes.

Download and send what you think!