Unicorn meets a Bagel in Brooklyn

  Seems like a Unico  rn threw up here...

Seems like a Unicorn threw up here...

             Fluffy cotton candy trapped in a vibrant whipped concoction of sweet cream cheese goodness sandwiched between a very fantastical and colorful carb; meet the Instagram sensation “The Rainbow Bagel”. Upon immediate introduction to this Brooklyn sensation on the “Explore Tab”- I couldn’t help to wonder what it actually tastes like. Could this possibly mean the blue stripe tastes like blueberries, and the white stripe like marshmallows? And how does this pair with the Fun-Fetti cream cheese it’s constantly pictured with?

                I crossed the bridge to Williamsburg to “The Bagel Store”, where owner and creator of the rainbow bagel, Scot Rossillo, has been making bagels for years. Walking up to the establishment you suspect nothing-just a regular bagel store on another corner of the city. Until you walk too slow and you see a line starting to form outside of the store! Big signs read to order at the back of the store; and as I took the walk to the back, orders were shouted out. “French Toast Cragel with Maple Walnut Cream Cheese” was ordered more than twice and sold out within my visit there at 9am in the morning on a Friday. The ever helpful staff readily suggested combinations to first timers; me included. After Kim K’s best friend snapchatted the unicorn bagel of bagels, it picked up popularity and maybe the staff has gotten used to the clueless but curious first timers.

                Finally, after what seemed a short wait, shorter than waiting for an Iced White Mocha at Starbucks, the highly solicited Rainbow Bagel was in my hands. At the first bite, you are unsure what to expect. But after a few seconds, you start to appreciate the sweet bagel. The colorful homemade cream cheese, respectively named the “Birthday Cake” moistens the bagel and re-creates the taste of a vanilla cake minus the overpowering sweetness. The bagel itself is not any sweeter than a cinnamon raisin bagel. It pairs perfectly together with the Funfetti cream cheese and it does not bore the taste buds. You can barely taste the cotton candy which disappears into the spread. Every bite screams joy and is a catalyst a happy taste bud experience. That’s if you like trippy colors, cheese and carbs. The rainbow bagel can easily be a favorite for anyone who enjoys a good old Brooklyn bagel in the mornings. Also, don’t worry about G cards being taken away because this bagel is all the rage- definitely a conversation starter and Cam’ron wore pink in 2002. We can call it the Fun-Fetty Wap to acknowledge your gangsta. The Bagel Store also customizes rainbow bagels for your next occasion, according to their website. You’ll be killin’ it at your next office party with some pink and white trippy bagels for Breast Cancer Awareness  or something.

But what’s more important, these bagels while otherwise traditional bring a new concept of what a bagel should be. Rossillo shapes and molds a bagel in such a way that it becomes almost like a pastry. Not all bagels have been created equal. Enjoy this creative treat at The Bagel Store, 349 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 718-218-7220.