"So buy me dinner, give me head and you can take me on a second date"

London based song bird Ray BLK released her first EP entitled Havisham. The songstress came into my radar with the release of Memories produced by tantric vibe maker SELVSSE. The album is inspired by Charles Dickens’s infamous rich spinster Ms. Havisham from his book Great Expectation. (Great read, highly recommend it.) However Ray is nothing close to a spinster in fact she is quite frankly ballsy. 

Her lustfully deep tone that covers and fluxuates each concept in her music is nothing short of special for a freshmen release. Her album is confident and strong. Her ideals are probably what any 20 something year old woman feels like. Yes Ray we don’t want to Bae’s of the month! She says it best in her fiery track Trouble ladies “We Are Kings”. This young woman is one to watch out for. Check out Havisham and make sure to follow Ray BLK for future releases and updates.