#THEGLOWUP- Lisa Frank Inspired Hair

If you were a late 80's or 90's kid, you know exactly what Lisa Frank is. You were the cool kid in class if your entire school supply collection was decked out with Lisa Frank. (Remember the folders?!)

Lisa Frank products were filled with vibrant and colorful artwork. Most people who understand the unicorn mantra is stemmed from the love of Lisa Frank.  

Lisa Frank has inspired creative imaginations to take it beyond the school supplies. It seems the trending hairstyle today is solely inspired by the magestic color ways of Lisa Frank. I mean... Who doesn't want to look like a magical unicorn in real life?! 

Check out some of the cool hair styles below! Would you do a Lisa Frank Inspired hairstyle? 

And to make your day just a little brighter (cause we care)... Here's Tupac for all you thug life unicorns out there. #SHINEONSPARKLES 

 Image courtesy of Lisa Frank Facebook 

Image courtesy of Lisa Frank Facebook