Asha: Masterbait Daily

asha 2.png

She Sauntered to the mic flashed a smile and then baited the crowd asking them if they were ready. Effortlessly chill she broke into her first song and the crowd started to mouth the words – verbatim.  Two songs later a mosh pit ensued. Who was the curly haired maven?

Rahway native, serene rhapsodist and self-taught producer Asha showed out the night we saw her for the first time at the Seed gallery in Newark, NJ.  To our surprise she had only a few performances under her belt. This past October Asha released her freshmen tape Masterbait to warm reactions and silenced plenty of “critiques”. In the beginning her love for music was a personal passion and as more people got privy to her yearning to try her hand at music – well the opinions came rolling in.

She starts the tape addressing just that “Asha You finally did it” and as you stream the jazzy – boom bap filled Ep she takes you from perspectives to personal perceptions. She has an enormous ability to take on roles and shape shift within a song.  It’s not common for a female Emcee to take on the hyper-sexualized male in tracks like Addickted. The song was written over 2 years ago and she in turn made a track for men to sing along with. 

" I wanted something that males could and females could sing a long with - it became a gender neutral track." 

She even gives us a taste of the way men talk (listen to the Mac & Cheese skit). Her junior is not evident in the immaculate delivery – production or quality of this mix tape. 

As we delved into the makings of her budding rap career she noted about the musical nudges from her father and how his vigor to get her to love music – really worked. She translated his push into a determination all her own and as she grows she hopes her next releases would be something you don't anticipate hearing from someone raised in Rahway NJ. We spoke with her on the name of the EP, her start in music, and what she hopes for in the future. 

The young girl who’d rap in the back of a class room to beats on her boom box was now jumping head first into the world of words and sounds. Listen and learn the manifestation of self pleasure #MasterbaitDaily