5 Ways to Inspire The Creativity Within

  It could be that beautiful girl you saw on the train with the prominent tooth gap; or that nonchalant autumn leaf with equal parts of yellow and red falling in your path that inspires a song/poem/painting. It can be a feeling of despair, a baby crying or a clock ticking that can inspire “aha” moments in a creative thinker. Sometimes all it takes is some sense stimulation. It’s rewarding to creatively think in such a way that two liners come to you like being sent from the Rap Gods; that a solution to an issue at work was inspired from seeing the problem differently. Creativity is derived from allowing the senses to be stimulated; like a muscle. And just like a muscle, your creative thinking skills can be exercised daily to hone in on an endless flow of inspiration. No one likes to be stuck in a creative block; here are some ways to inspire the creativity within.


1)      Write down Vivid Dreams

Waking up and jotting down in detail what you dreamt can not only give insight to your subconscious, but it can also make use of your creative brain. According to Neurologists, your creative brain is activated directly after sleep making it easier to creatively think. You didn’t have a dream? It’s ok, write down whatever comes to mind as you wake up. It is easier to write when the mind is fresh and free of any stress of the day.


2)     Spend time alone

When collaborating on a project, it is often thought a creative solution can be forthcoming with a group of creative intellects working feverishly in unison. Since grade school we are taught to work in groups, to the point that the art of being cooperative has been perfected. Great. But we are looking to inspire the creativity within, so these methods of collaborating have to come with moments of solitude. It is in this state of solitude in which you can devote your focus by limiting your attention to the task at hand without distractions or diffused inspiration a group can offer.


3)     Meditate

What is to be creatively inspired? Part of it is an ability to see something that you or someone else wouldn’t have normally seen.  It is to have a vision for the art in the world around us. Meditation allows for this insight to happen by controlling the colloquial, managing concentration and training mentally to be more receptive of sense stimulation.


4)     Divorce your Smartphone or Find Peace in a Light Phone

So while meditating and placing your undivided attention on sharpening your creative skills, you have this smartphone which you spend more time on then you would like to admit. Nothing against IPhones and Androids, but do you ever get the crazy random feeling to delete your Instagram or Twitter app ? When it’s not because of a crazy stalker, you get this feeling maybe because you feel guilty of all the time spent on these apps, right? And truth be told, nowadays we spend an obscene amount of time on our gadgets. Earlier this year, a Kickstarter campaign was set to raise funds for the completion of cellular phone in which all smartphone functions would not be available. More explicitly, the phone would only be useful to forward calls to, receive calls on, and to dial outgoing calls. Dasssit. Talk about finding solitude. The Light Phone is about the size of a credit card and its sleek design can easily be mistaken as an Apple product. You can purchase the phone in addition to your smartphone for $100 and use the gadget for the days where you desire privacy and desolation to get creative.

 from thelightphone.com

from thelightphone.com


5)     Color inside the lines

Sometimes stress is the common culprit for creative block. Coloring helps reduce stress. It also helps in sharpening those creative senses we used with more frequency when we were children. It is no coincidence we revert back to the time when we were most imaginative to get our creative thinking going. Embrace your inner child and enjoy a coloring book or two. We got you covered on the adult coloring books if today’s cartoons aren’t your fancy.

 By Shea Serrano

By Shea Serrano



 Inspiration to create. Create to inspire.