When jabs turn into gunshots

There is always a rush of excitement when we hear new sparks of beef amongst the rapper community. Like the hunger games:

May the lyrics ever be in your favor

Some of us long for the days when feuds resulted in records that shape a generation; a la –

LL Cool J vs Kool Moe Dee, Real Roxanne vs Roxanne Shante, Jay-Z vs. Nas, Lil Kim vs. Foxy Brown…the list goes on.

Just think these moments in music history mean’s we wouldn’t have Ether or Roxanne's Revenge!  Music from Hip Hop feuds are some of the most memorable and nostalgic. But alas there was an unwritten accord within these beefs. Hip hop is a game of sport and there should be a healthy amount of competition. There are some below the belt blows that will never be accepted or tolerated.

Troy Ave felt a little salty after Joey Bada$$ declared himself the number 1 independent Hip Hop artist and brand in the world last year - mind you this was a general statement.

Troy apparently heard his name between number and world…#HeReadsBetweenTheLines

The tiff between the two emcees started again when Joey mentioned Troy in loosie Ready produced by Statik Selektah:

60k first week for the Badass/ 200k to this day I know you niggas mad/ With the 80/20 split my nigga do the math/ My nigga Kirk just outsold Troy Ave” – Joey Bada$$

 A docile shot by Joey at Troy to say the least. Like Drake to Meek, Joey baited the lyrical lion in all emcees – a quintessential “come at me bro”.  Troy on the other hand responded with a 4:07 track entitled Bad ASS. It was in summation somewhat of a lazy response and instead of relying on bars he opted for low blows:

"Don't be suicidal like ya friend / It's a casket / Steez burning in hell, my burners on my belt,” – Troy Ave.

#Notcoolbruh this isn’t cooking and serving beef Troy, that’s off limits.  Moments like these make Hip Hop heads cringe. Waiting for the dust to settle with jabs that can very well spark major turmoil between people and their crews can result to be heart breaking. The stigma that has washed over hip hop after the loss of Biggie and Pac is a constant memory existing in the back of the minds of music lover’s. Every time these jabs turn into verbal gunshots we hope the back and forth stays on a sonic battlefield and nowhere else. While we hope the two emcees don’t come to blows over this there is a pretty good chance this exchange isn’t over.

Rest in Power Steez <3


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