Travis Little Opens the Gates


Travis Little’s southern twang and neo soul debut mixtape is a cocktail of spoken word, lyrical gems, and raspy melodic singing. The artist hailing from Brooklyn submerges us in societal trials, love, life and the perils of the young man in America. It is a delightful play to your senses and a blunt inspiration to think deeply about the taboo topics of today’s world.

Travis Little has a way of exploiting sounds and turning words into riveting feelings with his powerfully smooth delivery. He eases us into the world of the Gate keeper with his single Brown Skin simultaneously highlighting colorism and celebrating women of color. The song easy on the ears coupled with his unique voice is a strong leap into this microcosm of sound that he’s created.

Take a minute to let your mind be elevated by the sound of Travis Little and let the flood gates open. Here the rest of the awe inspiring EP below: