Going the Distance with Phil Walker

This is The hook for it // cook snort It // take a sample pay me back I know you good for it // Cuz’ this’ll get you higher.  - Phil Walker, Cold Crillz

Photography By // Nina Cathrina

Phil Started his foray in music in college while he was dorming with fellow celebrated NYC lyricist Jae Tips. While Phil had always been in love with music since an early age it wasn't until the sonic fates intervened that he started making music. The inception of Walker distance was truly due to being in the right place at the right time. The people around him were submerged in music and the creativity only fueled phil.

The 10 track EP features a plethora of NYC's crème de la crème like Yung Nate, Tray Pizzy, Ty Hickson and of course Jae Tips. The tape opens deceptively with the bravado one would expect from a freshmen release. He playfully decomposes the overworked topic, drugs in the song Cold Crillz. The lulled piano lead coupled with Phil's clever lyrics and an astounding feature verse from Tray Pizzy is an evident indication of his musicality. Throughout the tape his rhythmic delivery is ever-changing – playing to the listeners ear and accentuating his spitfire concepts. More notably the Uptown native has a cruel and witty sense to music. His pervasive play on words like in song Interlude (Eyes For You) is a cringe worthy yet enjoyable indulgence. His raw and abrasive lyricism is reminiscent of Big L, extreme but polished and though provoking.

It is more common to hear rappers shying away from listening to other peoples music, Phil on the other hand listens to what’s going on around him and utilizes it. He notes that in the song Excessive Culture, the last song recorded for Walker Distance. The song opens with soaring muted horns over simple drums and seconds later Phil launches into the beat ushering the full sound as he “flows out his vision”. The jarring song, even using patois’ phrasing is a nonstop lyrical flex.

As you listen to the project Walker Distance at first  is a great display of talent but in actuality Phil takes us on a journey as he himself discovers his capabilities as a musician. The distance traveled is what is now a more worldly songwriter. Phil is breeding himself to become someone that not only has an enviable utilization of words but a mastery of music. He proved that with the release of single Water Whippin’ in early 2015. Knowing the power of  “chanty” songs the single was well received. He made another power play with his second single for 2015 with Dis My Shit featuring Jae Tips as a prelude to what 2016 will bring.

As he prepares for his next EP Phil is working to continue his skill and continue to push his threshold with the music he is making. We got to speak with him in more detail about the process of making Walker Distance and what his goals in music are. Meet Phil Walker: 


This video features footage from Water Whippin' Shot and Directed By Jaison BlackRose,