The Internet Reacts to Brussels Terror Attacks

What could possibly be an opportunity to demonstrate sympathy and solidarity against violent events, seems to take a turn for the worst when haters get to doing what they do best-hate. They seem to have an insatiable yearning to fight, dispel, and argue at all costs- even in the face of horrific events against humanity.   Many haters took to social media platforms to add their two cents on Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, as if the putrid atmosphere of fear and uncertainty wasn’t enough for the world to witness already in lieu of the attacks. 


Apparently, even this guy, Andrew Seidel, spurred hate-maybe as a result of his own frustration- by inciting people not to pray but to instead donate to organizations who deliver  help in times of terrorist attacks. Seidel is also a Freedom from Religion Foundation member  which would explain his plea in asking to not pray but rather donate to the rehabilitation of these heinous acts. 

Khloe Kardashian wasn’t saved from the haters-no Kardashian is ever safe. They can be donating their own breastmilk to feed a dying tiger cub in Africa and they would still be despised and frowned upon by some hater. In response to Khloe’s sympathetic post to Brussels violent attacks, haters didn’t waste time to shot down her compassionate post. 


Bih what? Clearly these haters  spend more time on social media than on their literacy. The glamazon didn’t stay quiet and she actually made a point:


A negative reaction, contradicting positive solidarity, will always be a fail of humanity. Seems like we just can’t help being haters.  Why add more fuel to the hate which engulfs every bit of human that lives on this planet? Why use hateful words and belittle unity and breathes of hope? The Brussels Terror Attacks took 31 lives and whether your call to action is donating to the Red Cross or showing sympathy on social media, embracing the humanity in us all makes it easier to swallow this terror pill. As for the Haters; take several seats and engage in a moment of silence for all those who passed away please. President Obama closed his speech on the Brussels attackswith inspiring words which ring true- "This is yet another reminder that the world must unite," Obama said. "We must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism."