His Reintroduction // Songs For Charles

There are plenty of things one could say about this EP. This paragraph's sole purpose is to convince you to listen, because ADDMAG is a medium and we bring you relevant content. However there is no jazzy, cleverly written explanation one could write to do it justice. ADDMAG alum Joel "Mag" has blessed our ears and craniums with this ode and reintroduction to the rapper who spits justice, peace, love and tranquility. Do yourself a favor & start your day with this gem. 

"No single. No press release. No video (yet). No big name features. No hoopla. No bells, nor whistles. Just me and my art; my truth. I'm rapping. I'm singing on some shit, too. I hope ya'll fuck with it. Shout-out to the believers. Shout-out to the dreamers. Shout-out to the day 1's. This is for ya'll. This is me and my reintroduction. Get to know me. "