Randy Class's Metanoia: A 360 experience

A humble and quiet Randy Class sat bashfully while camera's were being adjusted and lighting was being tweaked. You could tell he was taking in every detail, today was a big day. In a room adjacent from studio A at Stadium Red  we sat and spoke about his first Release Metanoia. 

His start as a budding singer was in church, but credits his 7th grade chorus teacher for his love of making music. The self taught musician, barely over 21 has gone from choir class to studio after studio toiling away at his craft.  With help from his team over at Blank Label Records, MTM (Manny Toro Media) and his Musical Partner in crime fellow composer/ producer Jerry, Metanoia was born.    

The quiet soft spoken demeanor of the singer/songwriter is quickly overshadowed once you hear this young man sing. The soul singer uses his early 90's influences like Big L and his lyrical mastery with his own music and wants to be known as a "word smith" The EP is riddled with full harmonies, breathy rhythms and a beautifully strung together lyrics. Metenoia in short is....

Lust//Love//Loss//& Repeat

He takes you on a journey with lush and lusty lyrics coupled with his pure tones and bridging riffs in songs like Cocaine Kisses (one of my favorites). He goes from classic R&B to a Melancholy and abysmally soulful song like Got To Be Special. The raking guitars and Heavy singular drums is like a love child by Sade and The Weeknd. (This is the Loss part of the album by the way). Truly an amazing freshmen release from Randy Class.

Check out Metanoia and the journey from the crooner himself. 


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Metanoia EP release Party is Thursday June 26th at  Peoples Lounge in NYC. Doors open at 8am.