DE LA SOUL releases Smell the D.A.I.S.Y

De La Soul Wowed fans this past valentine's day when they decided to make their entire catalog of music free to download. The crew's promo was the lead up to their long awaited comeback EP "You're Welcome" as well as a celebration of their Debut EP "3 Feet High and Rising." 

 The daisy age has officially commenced!  De La released “Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. (Da Inner Soul of Yancy) featuring 11 unreleased J Dilla beats coupled with infamous DLS vocals...FOR FREE! YES FREE.99. 

Pos Dave and Mase shared their thoughts regarding the mix tape and what this means for them: 

Safe to say they have the Native Tongue generation on the edge of their seats waiting for the official comeback. However, this is the second round of tantalization and teases from the hip hop super group. There is another collab tape in the works featuring production from Pete Rock and DJ Premier entitled "Preemium Soul on the Rocks". When it is set to drop is still up in the air but, can we even try to be mad at the thought of what a Gem that tape could be? NO! 

Regardless of what is next the simple fact that there is a NEXT is exciting. "SMELL THE D.A.I.S.Y " is truly an ode to the late great Dilla. The efforts to continue his creative influence in music in general is a nice reminder of what the essence of Hip Hop really is. #Progression 

We aptly await what De La Soul will bring this upcoming summer for now we're smelling the daisies.