Meet Atlanta’s newest sweetheart she has the voice of an angel and will tell you exactly how she likes it

Staccato piano cords begin and after three bars - the voice of an angel with a low alto tone and airy trail offs begins to sing:

 “So you know I like to show off, might fuck you with my heels on”

 Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking

Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking

Meraki a soulful singer out of Atlanta via Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 19 years old is the epitome of growing confidence in womanhood and pussy power at its finest. While she is lovely she’s not the quintessential sweetheart. As a budding artist and carving out her future as a musician her 9 track debut EP entitled BAERAKI is a smoldering sultry collection of music.  So add a little spice to her sweet…

She made her debut on SoundCloud with 4 singles and garnered a bigger reception than she even expected. This soft voice with such dexterity, such confidence was mystifying on songs like Nomad and Exhale. Flash forward to January 2017 and we hear the boisterous alter ego entitled BAERAKI.

The EP is a closer nod to trap soul and a more candid side of Meraki. She playfully outlines lusty escapades in songs like Moan, OTW and Facetime.  It is a detailed look into what every young woman thinks, says and does. The Ep commands sexuality in a fragile way but still keeps it honest. For such a young woman she has the “nerve” to speak about what some still think warrants bashfulness. As a project it wasn’t expected but rather a wonderful surprise. Whether you chose to dance in the mirror or put your makeup on to it for a lit night, Meraki made Bearaki for you.

She’s a sweetheart but she knows exactly what she wants and how she likes it. Get to know Meraki:

 Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking

Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking

How long have you been singing?

I have been singing since my early childhood. I began singing maybe around age 3 or 4. I grew up living with my grandfather so once I got hold of his records is when my love for music began.

You have a very distinct singing voice, very recognizable in music. How did you get comfortable with it? Are you still getting comfortable with it?

I noticed that my voice was distinct and very unique the moment I sang in private. I kept my talent a secret for most of my life, because I felt like my voice wasn't good enough. I knew that there were a million singers with better voices out in the world trying to reach the same goal. I became comfortable with my voice the moment I continued to record more frequently. When I released my first record, the feedback was way more than I projected which motivated me to keep going.

Your debut project was sultry and confident, what was the idea behind Baeraki?

 Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking

Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking

….I'm centering my debut album around "Meraki". Meraki essentially means to put your soul, self, and creativity into your craft. I had friends and acquaintances jokingly calling me "Baeraki". One day I thought to play on it. I thought to make it an alter-ego personality of Meraki... by being sexual, sensual, and just out there. I felt it would market me better as an artist and allow more creative fun.

What has been the hardest aspect of creating this Ep?

The hardest aspect in creating "Baeraki" was slightly stepping away from pure soulful music. That's where I began and where I was most comfortable. However, I had always wanted to try more up-tempo music and express a wilder side of me as a person and an artist. I knew that some fans would be {fonder} of my soulful music. I also knew that those same fans would rather my soulful music for my debut project, but I wanted to take a chance. I continuously asked myself, "Is this the sound you want to be temporarily known for?"... only to realize that that's the beauty of it. I want my listeners to be impressed. I want my listeners to love how I can bounce back and forth and also evolve in music. 

Out of the Ep do you have a favorite record? Or one that’s near and dear to your heart?

Out of all the records from the project, my favorites would have to be "Heels", "Exclusive", "Thing for Me", and "Papi" lol. I just love the vibe of them all. The lyricism within them is so sexual and just fun. The production is so unique, but easily likeable. "Heels" was cool because I continuously added things to make it what it is.

Since this is the introduction to you as an artist, singer and writer who is Meraki? What should we know about you?

Meraki is a girl who puts her soul into everything she does. Meraki is like a flower that is just beginning to blossom, one that grows stronger and more confidently in music [and] is forever humble and ambitious. One day Meraki will be an icon….You should know that I'm up to something great.


 Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking

Photo by Cade King l Instagram: @shotzbyking