Beauty Gems Dropped by DJ Khaled

Not only can DJ Khaled make us feel smart, loyal and important... He can also be our beauty Guru! Well, at least on snapchat. 

Khaled schools us on his hilarious beauty tips via snap. These tips he shares are all part of what he calls "the keys to sucess". Along with a few life gems, Khaled drops some pretty good beauty knowledge. Ride the wave to success with Khaled and peep his rules below! 

1. Skin care is important. "Follow code - Feed your family and keep your face clean." 

2. Use the right soap. "Dove is the best and only soap."

3. Keep good hygiene. (Listerine, deodorant - Again, Dove preferred.) 

3. Coco Butter is really important. "Rub it everywhere." 

4. Coco Butter is really, really important. "Rub on feet. Everything has to be smooth. Everything is a vibe." (Coco butter apparently helps even with vibes.) 

5. Drink coconut water. "You can get them clear, but when you get the pink ones, that's that special cloth alert." (No clue what that exactly means, but it sounds like the good stuff.) 

6. Always have a fresh cut.  

7. Indulge in scalp massages. (I mean, why not get head rubs from beautiful women?)  

8. Always be grateful... And Use coconut butter. (You get the point #anotherone) 

rub my head please. U love me .... #djkhaled #anothaone #snapchat #funny #miami #love #djkhaledvoice #drake

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Images via Getty/DJ Khaled Snapchat