Female Art Battle

An all female art battle? You can guess who made sure they were there.  The competition was held by S.U.I.T.S in the Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick.  Five ladies were competing and creating their pieces in front of a live audience.  The artists were able to feed off of the audience’s energy.  Each piece was pretty interesting.  The competitors had some sick skills to work with.  There was some live body paintings being done along with some performances to keep the crowd grooving. 

As an audience member, you had a chance to see how artists prepare to create a piece and what inspires them.  While some of the artists already had an idea on what they would be creating, others used the audience as an inspiration to fill their canvases.  The winner of the competition is Jessica Barros.  The title of her work was Wild for Color.  The other participants were Tochi Jfrance, Beatrice Carey, Rushelle Peterkins and Riyadha Grey.

Overall, this was a great show and I’m looking forward to attending more.



Beatrice Carey

Instagram: BeALady03

 Tochi Jfrance


 Riyadha Grey

Instagram: MSYAH_YAH

 Rushelle Peterkins


 Jessica Barros





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