8 Things that happened at Vibes & Vintage

The Grey Market, S.U.I.T.S and LOE ( Love Over Everything) teamed up to throw Vibes & Vintage at The Newark Seed Gallery. The energy in the room was magnetizing. Host Josh Davis of Ucyphe deeming the night "a family affair" kept the energy high. Artwork filled the walls of the gallery, there were drinks (flowing), and there was a bunch of Pop Up shops from up & coming brands & vintage shops throughout the room. Custom flicks were handled by Hycide magazine and vibes were handled in part by Freq Shows own, Arcade and Brain Orchestra. Oh and of course the line up of performers was just an unhealthy assault on the ears. So Much budding Skill and musical creativity in one room was met with love by the crowd.  Billz Egypt , MoRuf, Suzi Analog, Asha, Brain Orchestra and Arcade, understand that those names are ones that should {and will} be remembered. 

It was a rare occasion and a hell of a good time. Here's our attempt to give you a small idea of the overwhelming , in your face talent that was there that night. 

The night started off with a soul train line #necessary 

Then freq shows own Brain Orchestra tantalized our eardrums with an unbelievable set #OMAGAH

Then Asha took the mic and reminded us that this is that crack and told us what she wished for. #RememberHerName

Suzi Analouge whisked us away to a cosmic soul universe with her performance and ensued the entire audience to dance. #mystical

....And then somehow the hustle happened. #LOL

Which was the perfect lead in to beautiful songstress BilllzEgypt to just slay. #YASSGURL

Then BilllzEgypt started to DJ and the Ucyphe boys reminded the room that they might be some of the funnest hosts this side of the hudson. #ItWasLit

Then Moruf the L.O.E general closed the show with a live band. We just watched in Awe. #GoodMusic