Mad Man Mad Art

I got a chance to chop it up with Mad Man (MDMN). Where did the name come from you ask? Back home in Phonenix, AZ.

He's been into art his whole life.  It was only a matter of time before it actually got its' hands on him.  His dad was a 70's illustrator.  He grew up watching his father draw around their home.  MDMN got into street art about three years ago.  I think it would be pretty hard  not to be into it, especially since he lives in Hollywood.  One of his favorite things about being an artist is the freedom of expression it allows him.  

What inspires him as an artist? "My mind, just the obstacles of life.  It's fun to let go and be an artist. I could have done something else.  I get to paint the world instead of sitting in a cubicle."  He defines art as a spark of creativity. "I wish everyone was creative and not afraid of it or afraid to create." His future in art? He hopes to see his work fully circulating with the best murals around the world and see his work on posters and buildings. 

His second favorite thing that he loves about art is being able to give back.  He understands the importance of the youth having creative minds so he does what he can to contribute.  One project he's looking forward to being a part of is working with a children's charity.  

If he was not an artist, he does not know what he would be doing.  After being an artist for most of your life, it's hard to imagine yourself doing anything else.  

Instagram: madmanart