Time Will Tell but Superfly Ky will be sure to Remind you

If swag could end a sentence in the way a period did then this was the theme of the night at the Time Will Tell release party. Superfly Ky the uptown native and producer released his first EP after several years of focusing on producing, photography and creative direction. What the young man would bring to the ears of the many people at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn that night was a taste of a his 17 track Ep. TWT is a great mix of music focusing on Love, Real life, SWAG, and of course the come up.

The tape features beats by JTS, Kid HNRK x Kelly Portis, Alan G x WTCHCRAFT and more. As a producer himself the standard of his music and ear is on point. Songs like Everything Else and Me & My Bros (featuring Marley) are undoubtedly bangers that encompass the gritty confidence a lyricist should have on his first release. Humorously pompous and lyrically astute rappers tend to make my favorite list and I enjoyed the confidence and word play on songs like LSNY (this track is a must listen!) and Popular (featuring Outlaw):

 “We was rapping in hell you couldn't spit a hotter rhyme.”

            Without question Superfly Ky’s best tracks in my opinion are the ones that are personal. Genjutsu x Goodnight an airy sounding love song had within the first 30 seconds inflicted an “AWWWW” out of my mouth. Or The real Me (featuring Genesis) a song about his own trepidations as an artist and coming into his own as a person and in his relationships.  If you’d like to hear the embodiment of the entire Ep that hands down goes the title track Time Will Tell.

“Man I’m just trying to win for all the times that I failed, I Don’t Know how it’ll go I just hope it goes well, I don’t know if ima blow I’m just hoping that I sell, Only thing that I know is that Time Will Tell…”

TWT as a freshmen release has a great range, and an astounding selection of beats and bars. I got the chance to get into more depth about the man known as Super-Fly-Ky and what’s in his near future.

-        Super Fly KY…Why the name? #nojudgementzone

Well it's a combination of people always telling me I was fly when I was younger and my long hair at the time resembled Priest from the old 70's movie Superfly. My mother would always call me Superfly when I let it hang out and I just added Ky at the end which is a childhood nickname, stemming from my full name Kyle.

-        Where ya from? Represent represent!

I'm from the Bronx, NY and I'm half black and Chinese.

-        Started in beats what made you make the Kanye move to making music of your own?

Technically, I started rapping first and it was hard to find beats so I started making my own beats and fell in love. I took a break from rapping for about 5 years and was just living off of selling beats. I came back to rapping due to the strong influence of everyone who heard me rap prior telling me to start again because they believed in my craft. So I said why not, it's something I love, let's see if everyone is right about me. Time Will Tell.

-        Who are your biggest influences (producers)? 

I grab inspiration production wise from all genres. I never really listen to a song the first time I hear it, I analyze it. I think about what made the producer use that sound, why this sample, what was their mind set, is this how they envisioned the beat? So everyone influences me, good or bad. But today if I had to pick some, I like Childish Major a lot right now.  

-        Hip Hop 101: Every lyricist should have a roster of lyrical gawds who are your top 3?

It changes every day. My top 3 when I first started is certainly not the 3 now. My 3 now don't even make it on the radio because I listen to independent artists like myself heavily. If had to pick 3 that impacted me the most though, I'd say Nas, Big Pun, [and] Joe Budden. My 3 right now...hmm Superfly Ky, Outlaw, Sidney LeRoy, no order. ^_^

-        “In a center of a rave, screaming out HEY!, why's it so hard to get noticed…” {Via never alone} quintessential new comer album, I see a lot of themes geared towards- “I’m here, know me!” did I hit the mark with that assumption?

That you did. Never Alone & Forever Alone are metaphorically the same thing. That bar sums up the song. I'm never alone, there's a million rappers, but then again there's only one of me, so I'm forever alone. Not so much that "I'm here...," more like, "I been here, but you keep looking at everyone else." 

-        Lots of love and trust issues and love lost, not to be Taylor Swift but that is also a running concept through the project. Why?

I like to say I only rap about one topic on Time Will Tell, me. Me. Every song, message, beat, bar has to do with me, be it anime/manga, relationships, fashion or wrestling. I've experienced a lot in my short lifespan that I don't feel I need to rap about what everyone else is rapping about. I rap about things I'm in to, I live, I felt, I know. I can make an album just about love & love lost because I've experienced it. People like to listen to stuff they can relate to. Everyone has dealt with love, good or bad.

-         The real me – probably my favorite (I appreciate honesty) how hard was it to jump into this aspect of music and come up with TWT?

That song was done all in one take, chorus, verses. One shot Michael Jackson style. It's super easy to be myself. I came up with most of it in my head then I wrote it out in less than 15 [minutes].

-        So I’ll stop assuming what is your definition of TWT? The concept behind it? The meaning etc.?

Like I said earlier the concept was based on everyone telling me that I can be a successful artist. It's kinda like that Drake line, "They tell me I'm hottest, guess we finally get to see." Time will tell if I'm as dope as you say I am.

-        Where do you want this EP to go, who do you want it to reach?

I want Time Will Tell to reach the ears of people who don't have a problem being themselves, people who want something relatable. I want to tour the states and eventually the world with my music and perform for the rest of my life and I'm hoping TWT is the first step in that direction.

-        What’s next? Visuals on the way?

Visuals? I'm putting together a sex tape. Bad publicity is good publicity right? I'm kidding. I have the mind to put out 4 videos before the year is done with Violet's Last Forever being the next one out, hopefully at the end of this month, if not August. ^_^

Make sure to Download Time Will Tell and Follow Superfly Ky for future information on performances and new releases.

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