Vibes to new levels : THE BLVNT COMPILATION


BLVNT took the vibes to new levels with its recent release THE BLVNT COMPILATION. 14 lavish songs from some of the indie record's unbelievable roster can be found on the EP. It is a well comprised concept of sweet tones, heavy but muted drum patterns and several notable samples that are easy on the ears. BLVNT has unofficially become a haven for healthy use of Hip Hop and Jazz like references. it is greatly represented in the tracks on the compilation. All the more reason why they chose to release it on February 7th. nonetheless #DillaChildren

There is a new - wave boom bap sound that the composers on this EP are mastering. This revival of what some consider a "beat genre" in recent years has gotten aggressively more prominent and creative. The undeniable fact is there is a lot of talent coming from this collective. Be sure to check out the Ep and buy THE BLVNT COMPILATION here.