Stumbling upon the Sticks & Stones Collective



jersey/mexico - Rapper: Angelo Mota, Producer: skyodi

Focus - Rapper: Mr. Arcade, Producer: Flying Lotus

Don't Leave - Rapper: Wam Gee, Producer: Cocaine Zombie

Lean - Remixed by Cocaine Zombie

Thought I was Thru- Producer: Jamar Jacobs

Pennyroyal - Rapper: Taii Chi, Producer: MF DOOM

Early Morning - Producer: Jamar Jacobs

“I know that I can run it soon I probably do it better so/ why be a sheep when I could fucking kill a shepherd…Whatever” – Angola Mota

In a small tavern on a cold night in December my Fashion director sent me a video of some dude mixing a beat live. He called himself arcade and as she said “I felt like an A&R I heard what he was doing and HAD TO GET HIS INFO!”

Thank the BASEGAWD because fortunately she stumbled upon on an up & coming producer and a member of a budding group with a lot of talent. The Sticks & Stones Collective hailing from all over New Jeru recently joined together and released their first compilation mix tape Brightside Tavern in early December. 

Wam G, Mr. Arcade, Angelo Mota, Taii Chi, Roach P, Cocaine Zombie visualist Britt Brigs and friends to the crew Jamar Jacobs and Skyodie are all joined forces for this LP. A mixture of sampled beats, a flylo & MF Doom moment, some singing (we luv to her dem vocals!) and of course Flow can be found on this record. (Even a revival of Young Dro’s Shoulder lean…worth a listen) As a freshmen release and a tandem night in a bar I am interested!

Download and speak on it, leave your thoughts on the record. I'll be keeping my eye on these young creative ones.