Paradise is a day away an Audio Diary by Peter $un

“There’s two niggas in a Cadillac coked up crazy and this shit could get all bad”

 Peter $un caught my attention with his raspy raps and somewhat off pitch hooks (which works for him). For the past year he has been teasing his project Paradise is a day away with loosies and singles. After much ado he graces the eardrums of SoundCloud listeners with his boisterous 14 track EP deemed his audio diary.

 As a whole it taps into the other senses, playfully adding to the nod of nature within the project. Whether it is in the titles or small moments of bird chirps and running water; Peter runs radiant child metaphors alongside thralls of drug use and his analysis of self within the music. Questioning whether the good can still be found in him and speaking to his childhood. Definitely a  heavy project after multiple listens.

 It is a refreshing sound to say the least. Successfully the Ep borrows from trap percussion and the popular Brazilian funk music among others. It still sounds…different…even new. He also addresses his familiarity to chance chalking it up to cigarettes. Nonetheless Paradise is a Day away is by far the strongest collection of music from the budding artist. Enter the EP here: