Superfine Taking Over Chelsea


Superfine! made their presence known this year. The art market returned to take over Chelsea in NYC during this year's Frieze week. With an exhibition list featuring over 70% women, this year's artists covered an array of topics from local issues to world issues. Founders Alex Mitow and James Millie out-did themselves from last year's appearance. Superfine! ran from 5/2/18-5/6/17. The fair kicked of with a preview at the Twilight Vernissage which featured cotton-candy-clad champagne and other treats, Heidi Latsky Dance (a live exhibit) and a live painting session by Trina Merry among other surprises.. With a full schedule catering to the fair, collectors had a chance to not only search for new pieces to bring home but also listen in on dialogues including the female arts summit panel featuring Lolita Cros of The Wing, Sophia Dawson of the Lower Eastside Girls Club, Ashley G Garner of Superfine! - The Fair, Carrie Eldridge of NOW ART, and was moderated by Jackie Dreier, founder of ArtsClub NYC. The panel not only dove into the state of art at the moment, but also some of the experiences that women have and continue to endure in art.

 Artists can apply to exhibit at future shows including Miami, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Live through the fair in the photos below. There's still time to go through the E-Fair.

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Liminal Space

Liminal Space

The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute's (CCCADI) has a new art exhibition giving an insight on the effects of immigration and life in Guyana.  

Superfine! The Art Fair That Doesn't Want To Hurt Your Pockets

Superfine! held their art fair in New York City for the first time in the heart of the Meatpacking District. 

Upon entering, the attendees were greeted and given a floor plan that helped maneuver through the space. This fair may cause a serious shift in how art dealings take place in the near future. The space was covered wall to wall with artwork, each piece telling a different story from Brian Leo using both political and real life references in his pieces to William Snyder using roosters as a symbolism of a new day. There were a few prints displayed including Hui Shen's photography that reflected China's one child rule and the effects of loneliness.

There were pieces that took a trip down memory lane such as some of Abraham Mascoro's Star Wars work and some from artists that stepped out of the box such was Candace Compton Pappas's who created her own canvases. Once she figured out how to make them, it didn't take long to make. The amount of time spent putting everything together for the fair varied from person to person. There were a few galleries that displayed more interactive booths such as UX art gallery Arti.NYC with their installation that gave the pieces life-like effects. 

There were a few interesting booths including Daria Sandburg's baggage claim project. She carries well over 100 people's baggage in her suitcase. She also carries a dream box where people put their dreams. 

Superfine! ran from 5/4-5/7/17. The fair had a full schedule which included collectors' first look, an opening kickoff party, ice cream social and discussions on buying and selling art in a digital world. Superfine! NYC exhibitors will be on the fair's online E-Fair, which stays live until early June so you still have time to purchase pieces you like. They are helping with building an affordable bridge between those that create artwork and those that love it, making the space as interactive and mutually beneficial as possible.

The next fair will be held at Miami Art Week from December 7-10. Artists can apply to exhibit. Live through the fair in the photos below.

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50 Shades of Fridge: Art and Kink for the Age of Revolution

Fridge Art Fair was held at two locations in Brooklyn, Branded Saloon and Nu Hotel Brooklyn's PbX Gallery. Walking into the Branded Saloon, music filled the air along with chatter among the customers. In the back room was open stage with people displaying their musical talents through live performances with the walls were covered with artwork. Awaiting downstairs was more walls filled with artwork. The fair ran from May 3-6 2017. Check out some of the work below.

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SCOPE New York: 2017 Edition

Scope New York was held inside of the Metropolitan Pavilion was the 17th edition of SCOPE New York. SCOPE opened on Thursday March 3rd and ran through Sunday March 5th.  After getting through check-in, we were greeted by Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery, who set the stage for what was to come. Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery, based out of Istanbul, featured work from 32 artists. Although each artist produced work different from each other, they presented cohesively. The art fair featured local, nationwide and international galleries. Each booth provided it’s own unique experience. Some artists, such as Amy Lin, who displayed her work through Alida Anderson Art Projects had a body of work that spanned over several years while others produced work specifically tailored for this art fair. This was an art lover and buyer’s personal haven. An added bonus was you did not have to go back out into the cold for food because they had a station where you could purchase food and drinks.

Check out some of the work that was on display below.


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State of the Union

The State of the Union exhibition took place in Jersey City, NJ at ShuaSpace. The exhibition covered thought provoking, not so friendly dinner conversation but should be addressed topics. These included power, money control, racism and police brutality to name a few. 

The featured artists were Distoart (@distoart), Lina Hsiao(@linahsiaoart), Bed Bugs in Love(beddbugs_in_love), Dominic Sansone (@dsans1) 

The exhibition ran from September 24- October 22. Check out some pieces from the show below. 

Downtown LA's Art Haven

Before making it to the inside portion of The Container Yard, you are welcomed by a series of murals including a piece close to the entrance by Tristan Eaton. The Container Yard is a 60,000 SQ FT creative hub that visually greets you with the gems that were created there including a mermaid by Tati Suarez. Translated in my mind, that’s a lot of space for some trippy murals. It’s located in the heart of the Arts District in Los Angeles, California surrounded by some vivid murals in the area.  The conceptualization of this space helps to bridge the gap of the views of street art, definitely giving it a more positive perspective.

After you make it through your initial greeting, you can grab a bite to eat at Sticky Rice or in my case, a few packs of HI-CHEW. Once you make your way up the platform, you can get a sneak peak into the pieces  along the wall at THE BASE LA if you don’t get distracted by the soccer game taking place. A few feet away is another space with more murals including work from Ricky Watts and Vogue TDK. Overall, this landscape is filled with colors and patterns that keep you entertained and even inspire some impromptu photo shoots. Check out some of the pieces I came across below.

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*UPDATE: The Container Yard will be closing to the public on a daily basis. The BASE LA and Sticky Rice will also be shutting down during the changes The Container Yard will be going through to prep for weekly events.

Mike Leavitt Gave Us King Cuts

Mike Leavitt recently displayed his King Cuts exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery featuring some of the greatest directors of our time. Each wood sculpture was carefully carved out while portraying the diretors in a way they are known for. The roster included Spike Lee, Kathryn Bigelow, Martin Scorsese, George Lucas,  Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and Woody Allen among other.  This visual artist has created a variety of pieces in his career including 3D pieces and posters. 

Take a trip down memory lane through some of the work by this Seattle-basesd artist from his third solo exhibition.


Nicole Eisenman Exhibition

Nicole Eisenman is displaying a series of new work at Anton Kern Gallery. Her pieces provoke some deep thoughts from what you actually spend your time doing to how freeing one can feel in social gatherings. Each piece delivers powerful messages and embody various perspectives while still telling a cohesive story. 

The space the pieces are displayed in allows you to move freely and really analyze each peace and as a collection.  Her work is on display until July 25. The gallery is located at 532 W 20th St NY,NY. 

In in the mean time, you can check out some of work below. 

2016 Winter Invitational Group Exhibition

Jonathan LeVine Gallery premiered the 2016 Winter Invitational exhibition on February 20th. This group exhibition runs through March 19th at 529 20th St in Gallery II. The exhibition includes pieces from Alex Gardner, Ashley Wood, Ben Sack, DALeast, Fulvio di Piazza, Jamie Adams, Jansson Stegner, João Ruas, Kevin Peterson, Lawrence Berzon, MEAR ONE, Sam Wolfe Connolly and Soey Milk. Each piece flowed cohesively into this exhibition.

Cardinal Points Exhibitions

Galleria Ca' D'Oro gives us the Cardinal Points exhibitions. The exhibition ran from November 25th to February 14th. The show was curated by Vicky Romay and Frances Sinkowitsch featuring work from Cuban artists Esteban BlancoJose NeyAntonio Nuñez and Geandy PavónThis gallery has there locations: Roma, Miami and New York. The exhibition below was held in New York. (@GalleriaCaDoro)

Figurative Abstractions Exhibition

Hoerle-Guggenheim gives us the Figurative Abstractions exhibition. The featured artists are RETNA, Stuart McAlpine Miller,Raphael Mazzucco, Williams Carmona, Peter Beard among others. This exhibition runs until February 14th at 527 West 23rd St.