#PinkSixteen - a new platform for female MC's - Ep1

Pinky McCoy, Howz Dat Entertainment and XXIILIX present Pink Sixteen: 

The Pink sixteen is a new platform for female MC's to showcase their lyrical skills as well as support fellow artists. In a generation where artists in the same field are constantly pinned against each other, Pink sixteen was born to not only showcase woman lyricists but to also promote women supporting women. At the core of this series is a love for women in hip hop and the 16 bars that will set them apart from the pack. Get ready for an electric new series! Get ready for the #PINKSIXTEEN! 

Hosted By Pinky McCoy


Bonnie Blunts from New Jersey | @BonnieBlunts 


Billy Baddass from Brooklyn NY | @THCBillyB

If interested reach out to the Pink Sixteen team and make sure to follow them for upcoming episodes and releases.





Check out the first episode!