And Then She Hit Her Solo

"The amazing thing about art is that you can't fit in a box and its not there to say if I'm right or wrong, it's just there."  - Kari -Lise

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After recently completing her first solo show, Kari-Lise is ready to move forward with her art career.  It was nerve wrecking but felt amazing to show her body of work all together and see how they all told individual stories as well as working together to guide the viewer towards a bigger tale.  This Seattle native left her show with two things: an appreciation of her progress and a new challenge.  She gained a more depth appreciation of the progress that she made towards putting together her first solo show.  As far as challenging, she wants to be able to challenge herself for the next pieces she paints.

Kari-Lise is not new to the art scene.  Her mother was always doing arts and craft project so Kari-Lise was always in the middle of it.  With her mom being her first introduction to art, she grew up attending craft shows and always involved in something art related.  Being around art so much, it is difficult for her to not be passionate. It is challenging for artist to get their point across.  What makes art beautiful is the reaction the viewer gives.

 Stepping out of the box and getting creative is a part of who she is.   When she is not painting, she can be found sketching and looking for a new concept.  Three years ago, she finally realized that being an artist was her calling and she needed to follow her heart.  She has not put her pencil down since then and does not regret it.

Her Menagerie piece speaks volumes.  It is inspired by her Norwegian heritage.  It commands your attention and you can interpret it in your own way.  "This work felt more like a daydream/reminiscing for the girl who is in it.  It almost is like she's thinking about things she loves or misses." Kari-Lise did not set out to to give people this impression; the painting just ended up that way.  Her goal is that people draw their own conclusion to this piece of work.  I'm sure everyone who views this artwork will have their own input on it.

Conversing with Kari-Lise was cool.  She seemed really laid back and easy to talk to.  Her artwork shows that she is unique and expressive.  Even though she does not know where her future leads her, she does know she is sticking with art.  She enjoys what she does is and always views things related to her work in a positive light.