A Path of Honesty and Truths: Profile on Angela Viens


Discovery, trial and error, a path of honesty and truths. Angela Viens describes her journey as being more of an inner one while building bonds with her fellow artists who have become a part of her family.

Coming by way of Rogue River, Oregon, Angela felt she was born into being an artist with her mother being a painter and father an entrepreneur, feeling that this is a part of who she is.  Her favorite part is the feeling she gets when she sees a finished piece of work or on a gallery wall. “It is the most rewarding feeling. A vision or feeling you had just came to life - it truly is like giving a gift to the world.” Determined to be undefeated, Anglea splits her talents between art and design. Some of her pieces have the two interacting, creating an interesting story. 

Meet Angela


“It is the most rewarding feeling. A vision or feeling you had just came to life - it truly is like giving a gift to the world.”


What made you decide to become an artist?

Angela Viens: I remember always taking art classes when I had a chance to take an elective at school. It felt very natural to me and it something I always loved doing. 

When it came down to it, years later, the reasons why being an artist became stronger and stronger. As you get older, and learn the role of money in society everything changes. Being an artist suddenly isn't as appealing anymore - there isn't anything practical about it. How are you going to make money in the beginning when no one knows who you are? I needed up being an English major and adding the art major later. After researching salaries and career options, I concluded graphic design and Art direction were the best career options - a creative way to work in business. Art + Function = Design. I have been a graphic designer along as an artist ever since.


Yet, working in a marketing driven creative industry alone isn't satisfying enough. There is something so so beautiful and sacred about creating art for purely arts' sake. Creating something for the sake of stirring emotion, to create something trippy, to create a story, to cause a stir - for me this is my reason of being. To evoke emotion and tell story's through visuals. This is my pride and joy in life. As well as the people it brings together. 

Prior to creating your work, how do you prepare?


AV: The work prior to creating a new piece is just as important. It's important to experience life with an open mind and heart - open to new experiences, seeing new things, meeting new people. Inspiration is absolutely everywhere, and the more you experience the more you have to express. Just like a musician would. I also enjoy going to art fairs, museums, and strolling into galleries. Always a benefit to see what is currently being exhibited as well as to experience stunning and evocative art. 

What was going through your mind when you were creating Generation Y: Skulls and Pills? 

AV: Good question. This piece is a darker and edgier work. It was a reflection of some of what is wrong in present day American society. People becoming lifeless, and taking pills for almost absolutely everything. 


What would you say is the hardest part about being an artist today?

AV: If only there were less abusing the system 'Jeff Koons' in the art world and that money instead was used to purchase emerging artists' works. There needs to be more faith in emerging artists and less obsession with the Christie's and Sotheby's scene among collectors.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on?


AV: I have had a lot of fun commissions over the years. But definitley my most favorite was exhibiting in the Venice Biennale two years ago at the Palazzo Ca' Zanardi. 

If there were one thing you could change about being an artist, what would it be?

AV: I wish people would understand us more. Let us live our paths, and believe in us. More love. As always more love and more faith. 

Is there anything you’ve worked on, given the chance, you’d go back and change?

AV: Can we all go back in time and change what happened regarding the US election please?! Haha. God save us all. 

Yes, for this I think I would have taken college a bit more seriously. Studied a bit harder. Work a bit harder. Challenge myself more. It is always good to give your absolute best. But at the same time,  college is where I found myself socially and grew confident in who I am and what I wanted to do. 

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"I wish people would understand us more. Let us live our paths, and believe in us. More love. As always more love and more faith."