#HASHTAG Of The Week: #Iowa

     On any other day, Iowa probably ranks low on the importance scale of popularity. But this week, our mid-western compatriot is all the rage! Iowa “kicks-off” so to speak the primary elections leading to the Presidential Elections which we all look forward to so eagerly every four years (read: not). Although Millennials have proved their strength in numbers at the voting polls in the past, the road to voting for a new POTUS burdens our souls with confusion. So much so, we lose trust in our government or we avoid the process all together. But truth be told, Millennials are a driving force in this country especially when speaking of voting and although no one can be pressured to vote, notice must be taken of the apathy or frustration that may exist with the politics of this country. There are a lot of bureaucracies and policies that are simply not understood. Seriously, what is a Caucus?  Maybe that is what moved the creators of How Iowa Democratic Caucus Works ft. Legos  to create an informative video on how the Iowa Caucus works. It is only one sided so be sure to check out the video below it for a complete understanding of the primary elections and why Iowa was so important this week.