My favorite Online Vinyl shops

As a budding vinyl collector the feels when rummaging through a box of dusty vinyl’s can never be replaced. The addiction becomes a little bit more complex once you start to wonder what some of your favorite projects sound like on wax.  Take that wonder, with incessant need and boom….you are now ready to stalk the internet for vintage and rare Vinyl’s.   

Now, have I been on the dark web for records? No.

 Have I considered it? Yes.

 Should you judge? …..I would.

 Before going to the depths of the internet as a viable option there are three online shops that are the best for vinyl shopping. 

Invisible City Editions

This shop and label is run by Gary Abugan & Brandon Hocura a DJ duo out of Canada. For some overseas finds, new age sounds or super vintage LP’s this is the place to go.

 They have a Chutney category….<3



This site was in its infancy a hobby of Kevin Lewandowski’s that soon became one of the biggest music databases online to date. Along with that is a wondrous amount of vinyl buying options.  By wondrous amounts I mean thousands of different options in multiple currencies.



My main squeeze is for sure is the brain child of Questlove from The Roots better known as OkayPlayer. The online platform and all around movement also has a sick shop. As a child of Hip Hop the majority of my hard earned money goes to Hip Hop, R&B and Soul records. If you want the crème de la crème of the newest in Hip Hop, soul Electro and R&B you will find it here. Plus their preorder option is a lifesaver.   




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