Sonically Natural State opens up as if SEER and Jommis channeled vocal inflexions through warped synth sounds and all of the 3d animations of weird naked people on Tumblr dancing have somehow found a proverbial theme song.  The visceral digestion of this tape is a great play on the name and the sound. As digitally progressive as it is your mind wanders as a listener and the tape as a whole becomes quite evergreen. It is a hardly achieved aspect in music now-a-days. Nonetheless between Jommis’s steady pitch coupled with SEER’s other worldly production the result is a wondrous collection of compositions.  

The Beach Jesus counter parts flex as vocalists over music primarily produced by SEER with a great addition from Harry Forde with the track Sleep.  The young men have a seamless way of wrapping tougher more objective concepts in smooth - airy electrically charged chords in songs like Internet and Trash Witch. Then completely switch it up with unforgivably catchy tracks like Thirsty.  By the time you reach the ending track Last after being coerced and guided through a variation of synths sounds the piano is a jarring yet comforting sound. SEER starts in with what is one of the most riveting songs in the tape lyrically. (In my opinion)

“Gone off that everything oh I’m so gone, I’m so gone off that everything”


Jommis and SEER opened up about becoming and creating Natural State as well as the general hope for the introductory EP. Prepare to feel something.

Jommis how long have you been singing?

J: I've been singing since I was like 16.

SEER when did get into composing and singing as well? 

S: I've been writing songs since I was 12. I used to play in bands and what not but I'm more into composing than anything so eventually started fuckin’ with production. Really I just try a lot of different things. I like when I hear something that takes you somewhere you've never been. I never felt attached enough to one genre or style to just stay there, so I just kinda try and do what fits the moment.  

How did you guys decide on the name Natural State? And what made you two put this project together in the first place?

S: it’s kind of a blur how it came to be the name but it’s at least 50% a shout out to Arkansas just because that's where I'm from and it’s always advertised as the natural state. We started the project basically because we worked on a song back in January and it was extremely hot. I think we both just kind of realized damn this could be a dope collaboration

Was there an inspiration for Natural State’s general sound or did you both kind of find this common ground sonically and let it guide you?

J: We just have different tastes but we have a lot in common and we know we can trust each other’s direction

S: I think we are into a wide variety of stuff and we both want to explore all that. In a way it’s just like spewing out whatever you take in, just recycled and rearranged

Were there any feelings of trepidation or moments of frustration while making this tape?

J: With anything there's gonna be moments of frustration and doubt and obstacles but it ends up making a better product.

S: Yeah there's a lot of frustration in the album too just because that's what we were dealing with at the time but there's a decent amount of resolve too. Ultimately that's what it’s about is finding a way to find resolve and clarity

Did you guys have a moment where you were listening to a track in particular that kind of made you stop in your tracks and say “woooah that was some real shit!”

S: When we were working on Lost we had a lot of frustration and were struggling in our own personal shit and I think when we finally got it written we both were kinda like damn this is powerful. It kinda got us excited again about what we were making and helped push [through] the sludge of the final processes. 

Do you guys have a favorite song?

J: Probably natural state #1
S: not really. Thirsty is my least favorite but its still tight AF. I like trash witch and things that will grow. 

If you both could sum up the “tone” of the tape what would it be? What would you guys want people to feel as the listen to it?

J: It's definitely an honest tone. It's slightly dark but it has lighter moments too. I just want them to feel something. To not, not feel something




Header photo by Bianca Garcia @helloimbiancaa