8 GIFs of Future that basically sums up your whole college experience.

In honor of Future Hendrix g-day it's only right you let this oracle of trap music basically sum up your entire college experience. You're welcome <3 Gifs courtesy of Giphy

Go to school...Get good grades. 

Expand your horizons in school...take Home Ec. Try new thangss

You can get through finals - Pray

It's thirsty thurrrrrssssdayyyyy and you finished your last Final IT's LIT

Okay you failed one final but it's aiight there's extra credit don't stress the fuck out

BRUH I gotta pass this class...prayed up

I PASSED THE MOTHER F*CKIN' CLASS SON! #feelingsensational

Someone asks if you will go back to school for your masters......



Gifs courtesy of Giphy.com