Top Ten Turn Offs: We are Doomed to Fail 8 Times Before Finding the One

Are we being picky or what? It is a common belief amongst our peers that our generation is the most single generation ever!  Many studies point to the “failure to launch” syndrome as the culprit of our dating mishaps and state our failure to get into serious relationships is because we stuck in our adolescent mind and can’t seem to wrap our heads around dedicating our time to a significant other rather than the hustle. Hmm, does this ring a bell? Another popular belief of why it is so difficult to find a significant other and begin a stable relationship is our fear of rejection.

Of course rejection from the opposite sex is an idea we can all relate to; some more than others. While no one enjoys being shut down by the object of your desire, fear of rejection should not be the reason why you aren’t giving dating a shot. No one wants to be 70 and alone (Thanks for pointing that out Drake!). In a recent study, it was found that women would be in 7 serious relationships before finding the one and men would encounter 8 serious relationships before finding the one.  Yikes! That sounds like a lot of heart break is something we should be getting used to, as if we aren’t already. Nonethless, fear not and grow a thick skin if finding the one is in your near future plans. ADD MAG took to the streets to find the top ten turn offs and curiously enough, the guy below nailed all of our audiences most common responses in one turn! Bad teeth? No thank you please!  


Check out the video below.