6 Staples To Build Your Budding Sneaker Collection: HUNNIES Edition

Heels are lusty but sneakers are true love

Let’s keep it trill a good pump or platform boot will always hold a special place in our hearts BUT think of your feeties! *wiggles toes*

The sneaker game has expanded tremendously but everyone needs to start somewhere. When building an arsenal of sneakers to compliment your wardrobe it’s always best to start with some classics. Here are my top 6 picks to building a sneaker collection to suit your steelo:

1.    This sneaker has a holiday

  Air max 90   via Nike.com

Air max 90  via Nike.com

Yes –that’s right. Nike’s insanely popular Air Max sneaker has a long lineage of designs and history. It is a part of every facet of sports as well as casual wear. Don’t be alarmed there are a ton of Air Max options to choose from but you cannot go wrong with the Air Max 90’s. They are simple, comfy and can be worn with practically anything. The OG colorways are also really coveted. Go for solid white, or the OG red black and gray.


2.    Hello Stan, Nice to meet you

  Stan smith  via Adidas.com

Stan smith via Adidas.com

Your sneaker bae and all around go to shoe can absolutely be credited to the classic Adidas Stan Smith. It is never out of style and functionally it can be worn with anything - at any time - pretty much anywhere. The classic shell toe has gotten a ton of different colorways and modifications but take it slow. Start with the classic silhouette in neutral colors.


3.    You can thank the 1970’s for this suede gem

 Puma Suede classics via Puma.com

Puma Suede classics via Puma.com

Puma a brand well aligned with sports also made the classic 70’s inspired “suede’s” that are still a loved and adored sneaker option. Originally the suede’s gained popularity through basketball, B-boy culture and Hip Hop. All the while the suede sneaker has become one of the holy grails in classics footwear. It’s now being offered in a mess of muted and rich colors and it is a sneaker that still exudes a laid back and comfy essence. Once again they are another option that can be worn with anything and everywhere. Plus they’re suede…it’s like butta baby.


4.    Hey Chuck, Do you know Stan? He said he’s inviting on more friend

 Converse Chuck Taylor's via Converse.com

Converse Chuck Taylor's via Converse.com

Does All-star ring a bell?! Chuck Taylors quite literally one of the first sneakers to ever be made. The shoe initially made for Basketball players has somewhat morphed into everything but its athletic inception. Needless to say it is pretty much a given that this is a true universal sneaker for the masses. Get them in any color; rock them until they are falling apart. This American classic is a walking documentation of experiences. Scuff them up, they can take the beating…just don’t wear them in the winter. (lol)

5.      Sneakers and African Gazelles

  Reebok x face Stockholm via Reebok.com

Reebok x face Stockholm via Reebok.com

Reebok by definition is an African antelope. The shoe said to take inspiration from its style, speed and grace was actually the first brand to design an athletic sneaker specifically for women. (Oh hey reebok *winks*) The freestyle High top leather sneaker revolutionized the sneaker in the 1980’s. Decades later the freestyle is still a go-to. They’re also being produced in pastel colors and well, a girl can never go wrong with pastels. Getting a solid punch of color in your shoe arsenal is always a good idea. Plus it still goes with black…the only color that matters.

6.    Hey I’m Jordan, I heard Stan and chuck are here

 Air Jordan 1 via Nike.com

Air Jordan 1 via Nike.com

It’s 1985 and the best to ever play Michael Jordan hits the court in the sneaker that would change the footwear industry forever. Super poetic and all but women are killing it rocking the retro air Jordan 1’s! The high-top sneaker comes in simple colorways are a great edition to any closet. They are comfy and after single sole stilettos you are going to appreciate the ankle support. It is still one of the most popular editions in the Jordan catalogue with good reason. Simply put you can’t go wrong.


My biggest advice is to try all brands. Each company has something different to offer, and styles that are universal to any wardrobe. You may like them all or you may wonder what the hell I was thinking. Nonetheless this is another reason to spend a day trying on shoes and walking around in the store for the mirrors while the sales associate looks on in horror. (I love doing that hahaaaa)