New Phone Who Dis?!?!

Slim Dollar$ one of our favorite harlemites is back with his new EP New Phone Who Dis.

The 13 track ep has the emcee in his most animated delivery yet. Slim always paying homage to New York rap blends his upbringing with the heavy 808's ripping the sound waves in Atlanta. He took a new turn as the tape feels like it has the 1999 wash with a crisp overlay and sharp bass rhythms.

The record in total a more upbeat project also has a really strong title track that is sure to incite some mosh pits in the future. Slim however focuses quite a bit on success, misfortune and love throughout the tape. He always makes it a point to give lush songs to cozy up to the young go-getters. What he does quite seamlessly from project to project is dictating the feelings the underground emcee and the inner determination that never lets up. He details it throughout the EP bringing it to a head with the ending tack My Last Dollar.   

Listen to the tape and leave your read receipts on like a savage, Slim Dollars is on his grind.