The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe

Ever felt that feeling of being too lazy to take off your makeup? Are you guilty of sleeping with your makeup on?... Are you obsessed with coconut oil? 

These are all questions that are probably answered with a "Yes." We are all guilty of being lazy and not taking off our makeup at night. Sometimes, you might even say "f-it" and take your sweet ass to bed (especially after some drinks). 

... And of course, you're obsessed with coconut oil. I mean, who isn't?! Coconut oil has so many benefits. One of them being the healthiest type of oil when it comes to beauty. It is high in lauric acid, making it antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. Overall, it is the perfect oil to nourish and protect any skin type. 

So the reason I ask these questions is not to make you feel guilty for probably still having last night's eyeliner on, but to tell you about the magical cream called RMS Beauty's Raw Coconut Cream. 

This baby melts off makeup so easily, it's pretty damn good. RMS has made life even easier by releasing their Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe. These cleansing wipes contain the same ingredients as the cream. It is made with a non-irritating rayon cloth and compostable. It removes makeup, cleanses, moisturizes the skin, soften skin post-shave (that means men can try it too) and soothes rashes and sunburns. 

I highly recommend these wipes. They also smell bomb AF... that's always a plus! 

You can purchase a box for $16 or $1 each at

Hunnies, invest in your skin. Makeup will only look as good as much as the care you take for your bare canvas. #lovethyskin