Beauty Meets Technology - Kat Von D As A Magical Wizard

“The whole message is more like being happy with yourself and using makeup as an art form or to express yourself versus changing who you are... You’re a wizard" 

                                                                                                                                 - Kat Von D 

Makeup is magic. It allows us to creatively express looks using our face as the canvas. It gives us the power to transform and enhance our natural beauty that lies within. 

Makeup mogul, Kat Von D has taken her artistic talents into a whole other level. She has collaborated with Wildbytes Digital Agency to create a spectacular live performance showcasing multiple make up looks. By using projection mapping, Kat Von D transforms flawlessly telling a story through the beauty of her face. From butterflies, stars, glitters, symmetrical contouring to just vibrant colors... Kat Von D looks beautiful in this one time showcase performed in real time. Each look was nailed to pure perfection. 

Check out the video below and watch Kat Von D leave your eyes in a trance.