Pigmentation COME THROUGH! 
As if the MAC Gawds don't bless us enough... 

MAC has just released news about a new formula added to their Liptensity Lipsticks. Liptensity is the most pigmented lipstick yet with "high-frequency tetrachromatic pigments". It's said to be the most innovative release from M.A.C. in years.

“It’s a tech story; it’s not a fun, frivolous collection were doing," James Gager, Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director of M.A.C.,  "It is super, super saturated, undeniable color load in this lipstick." 

The additional new colors are going to be every day, long lasting, wearable lipsticks. You can expect peachy, brown, burgundy tones. Packaging will also be different too. Tubes will be thinner and taller, with coordinating caps. 

Retail Price will be $21, (increase from the usual $17 pricing... but can you blame them?)