Be in the moment….Present from Ezrakh

There is solitude to music that can transcend daily function and cozy up to your inner self and suddenly make you….stop. Ezrakh’s enchanting new tape entitled Present is a mystifying collection of music that almost cerebrally makes you tranquil. The modest 8 track EP that dropped on the producer/singer/songwriter’s birthday features production from Iman Omari and a verse from RHMK.

The space between genre bending is no longer an adequate classification for Ezrakh. He explores the richly textured use of soul and folk music while simultaneously giving a nod to his deep house and jersey roots. The EP is a taste of Ezrakh’s “Possible Futures”. He travels through the project touting words of love, exploring the mainframe of female and male and  saluting his own realization of self. The use of classic instrumentation coupled with pauses of binary and chemically warped sounds elevate the language that effortlessly pours over the harmonies. Present is truly a dynamic project that inspires the listener to be in the moment….Present